Session 8 – Domestic Archaeology and Architecture

Here is the powepoint presentation for Domestic Archaeology which we covered in the first part of Week 8. It was a bit of a squeeze getting a big topic like this down into a 1 hour session and we covered a lot in a short space of time. There is quite a lot of optional additional reading associated with this weeks topic which may be helpful if you are interested in finding out more about the archaeology of the domestic environment.

The key concept which we looked at in this class was the changing nature of public and private space and the different ways in which people adapt the spaces which they live in order to suit thier lifestyles. On the one hand, the kinds of buildings we build can tell us a lot about the way in which we live, take for example the medival hall house and compare it to the 1960s flat. However, we also saw that the buildings people have do not neccessarily suit the lifestyle which they want to have. Because of this buildings are constanly changed. Examples of this include the compartmentalisation of medival hall houses and the widespread construction of extensions to Victorian terraced houses.