Session 1 – Introduction

In the first session for the Urban Archaeology module we introduced the idea of ‘Urban Archaeology’ as distinct from archaeology or history, and discussed what the course aimed to cover. We all introduced ourselves, talking about what inspired us to first become interested in archaeology, and what we thought of when we heard the word ‘Archaeologist’.

After the coffee break, we went through each week’s contents, and talked about the topics that we will cover.  The area of St. Denys, Portswood and Highfield will be used as the case study for each week, to give a focus to the skills that we are learning. Each session will have a practical component and many sessions will be delivered off-site at various locations within the study area.

This is the abridged presentation from the session.  If you visit slideshare, you can download this PPT onto your own computer.  Each week we will add any materials that were discussed or handed out onto either slideshare (for presentations) or scribd (for paper handouts).

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We hope you enjoy the course!



Weekly Outline Handout: