Introducing Gareth Beale

My name is Gareth Beale, I am an archaeologist with a specialism in computer graphics, digital technologies and the representation of archaeology.

I began my archaeological career at the age of 8 excavating pieces of broken glass, rusting metal and musket balls from my parents garden. Many years later I went to Exeter University to study archaeology before coming to the University of Southampton to do an MSc in archaeological computing. I am now in the final stages of my PhD research which investigates the potential use of computer graphics techniques as a tool for study Roman painted statues from Herculaneum in Italy.

My other major historical passion lies in the urban and industrial archaeology of the Westcountry and the South Coast of England (possibly as a result of the broken glass, rusting metal and musket balls)

Introducing Nicole Beale

I am an archaeologist with a background in history of art, museums and technology.

My love of archaeology began as a college student when in 1996 I volunteered at Culverwell, a windswept Mesolithic settlement site on Portland, Dorset, where I sat in a hut writing accession numbers on 12,000 year old snail shells for a whole summer.

In 2002 I graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in History of Art, I worked for universities in the UK as  an eLearning Co-ordinator from 2002-2007 whilst I studied for a PgCert in Teaching Support and an MSc in Archaeological Computing.  Then I worked as the Assistant Curator for a local authority museum, later moving to Hampshire County Council where I was the New Media Museums Education Officer.  Last year I returned to the University of Southampton where I was awarded funding to carry out an MSc in Web Science, followed by a three year PhD.

2012-3 is the second year of my PhD researching into the impact of the web on museums practice.

My website is called The Cultural Heritage Web, and you can read all about my work there.